NPS Agara

Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message

Dr. Gopalkrishna – Chairman and Founder Principal NAFL, TISB and NPS Group of Schools

Education and schooling have undergone a profound change and have become more focused in the 21st century. The best schools across the world today look to deliver education that is designed to help bring out the best in children by enabling them to discover their strengths and make the most of their talents within and beyond the school.

National Public School believes in providing a well-rounded, liberal arts education program for our young students to prepare them for the future. In order to develop an independent thought, a spirit of enquiry, self-confidence, and leadership in our children, the school keeps raising its standards of educational excellence. Our teachers are vital in implementing our academic programmers that promote a habit of learning in the pursuit of excellence amongst the students.

A partnership between the school and the family is the foundation of a student’s fulfillment and success in later life. The support of the family nurtures emotional maturity and confidence in students.

The mission of a school should be to provide a superior preparation for college and provide opportunities for a liberal art education to young people of cultural and intellectual diversity. Within its dignified and supportive setting, NPS Agara prepares its students to pursue excellence in their lives and career, and play effective roles in their school, families and communities.

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