NPS Agara

Our Campus

National Public School is an integrated community comprising of parents, teachers and children from across the world and we are dedicated to the development of each student’s potential in a positive environment.

Our School follows the dictum: Parents are the first teachers; teachers are the second parents.

Our Campus

NPS Agara boasts of a verdant campus set amidst sylvan surroundings to provide quality education to its students. A feature that sets NPS Agara apart from its predecessors is the presence of the campus on a sprawling 5 acre site. The lush green campus lets students be amidst nature while nurturing themselves into wholesome beings through various scholastic as well as co scholastic activities. Students spend 10hr quality time per day for their overall development, Replete with plants and trees of different varieties, the nature-friendly campus functions as a pollution free zone to promote a sense of  well-being among students.

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