Principal’s Message

Anuradha Ramesh

Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.
— Albert Einstein

Children today are growing in a challenging and dynamic environment. At NPS Agara, we are committed to create an environment that is positive, safe and innovative to nurture and groom the young minds in the best of traditions in education and culture.

We offer a broad curriculum and a range of opportunities to all our students to prepare them to accept challenging roles in future. Innovation and creativity helps them to take initiatives to embark on new paths and to achieve excellence in academic, creative, social, cultural, sporting and community endeavors. We believe that each child has a great potential with a unique personality. We aspire to create an environment where every child gets individual attention to achieve his individual success.

They are encouraged to explore and hone their unique talents. The interactive approach helps students to discover and strengthen their inherent potential. Our aim is to provide a platform for holistic learning that goes beyond text books and classrooms stimulating their minds to think differently. Our focus is to develop our students as global citizens and make NPS Agara, a place of learning, joy and discovery.